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Brittany Trudeau

Communications Coordinator

Trudeau-B_eleakis203508-05As the Communications Coordinator for Norwood Associates, Brittany Trudeau is responsible for the management of both the Norwood Associates and California Pool & Spa Association websites, as well as the blog and social media outlets for the CPSA. These duties include careful curation and creation of relevant content for our clients, association members, and their customers.

Additionally, she manages the membership responsibilities of the CPSA and maintains communications with the members to keep them up to date on the latest developments and information for the association. Brittany also oversees the writing and production of the CPSA monthly newsletter, and contributes content to the Norwood Associates publication This Week in Sacramento.

Previously, she has worked on a freelance basis with the National Association of Social Workers in the process of updating and editing their online education content to better serve the training of new and currently working social workers. Her interests lie in both writing and critical editorial thinking, which she has developed through many years of independent technical and creative writing projects. Brittany graduated with high honors from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Classical Languages and Literature, where she focused on the blending of literary analysis with socio-political history.