Norwood Associates, LLC Government Relations

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Insurance Brokers & Agents of the West

“There’s no question why Norwood Associates was voted the Most Trustworthy lobbying firm in Sacramento by California legislators. John Norwood is respected by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for his integrity and knowledge of insurance law. John’s experience and reputation has served IBA West well for more than 30 years and counting.”
-Clark Payan
Chief Executive Officer

Comcast Cable Communications

“The Cable & Broadband Industry is very complex, and it is challenging to communicate to policymakers the nuance of its impact on the California Economy. Norwood Associates is a natural partner to help develop strategy and identify clear goals to achieve success. They exemplify excellence in everything they do to advance our legislative agenda.”
-Sam Rodriguez
California State Director

Liberty Mutual Group

“Norwood Associates has provided many years of excellent service to Liberty Mutual Group. John and his team have consistently demonstrated a unique ability to not only understand the technical nature of the insurance business and, in particular, the complexity of the workers’ compensation system, but also to honestly and respectfully deliver insights and thoughtful response to public policy questions from regulators and lawmakers. Norwood Associates remains one of the premier lobbying firms in Sacramento.”
- Kathleen Bissell
Assistant Vice President
Senior Regional Director

Coventry First, LLC

“There is no one more respected and trusted in Sacramento than John Norwood and his team. Norwood Associates are great advocates and sage advisors for their clients as well as for policymakers. Frankly, John Norwood delivers.”
- Michael Freedman
Senior Vice President

California Insurance Guarantee Association

“The churn of term limits and the swarm of interested groups make the California political environment difficult. Norwood Associates has earned its excellent reputation in the Capitol and its strong relationships with members of both political parties. John Norwood and his team provide us the counsel we need to smoothly navigate troubled waters. Their ability to get things done in both the Legislature and the Executive Branch is unparalleled.”
- Wayne Wilson
Executive Director