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George Cavinta

Blue SteelLegislative Associate

Mr. Cavinta, our esteemed Legislative Associate at Norwood Associates, plays a vital role in our firm by providing invaluable support in legislative tracking, analysis, fundraising, and observation of legislative and regulatory hearings. His keen eye for detail ensures that our clients stay informed and ahead of the ever-changing legislative landscape.

Throughout his career, George has seized valuable opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the legal and political domains. As an intern for the Humboldt County Public Defender’s Office and a Legal Assistant at the Gallegos Law Firm, he honed his legal acumen, gaining a strong understanding of legal processes and practices. As a Coordinator for the Democratic Party of Lane County, he played a pivotal role in the campaigns of Congressman Peter DeFazio and Governor John Kitzhaber, organizing and facilitating volunteers in their canvassing efforts as well as working closely with the Chair to plan and execute various events.

As a graduate of the University of Oregon, George holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a focus on Public Policy and Global Engagement, complemented by a minor in Legal Studies.