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California’s Legislature considers about 6,000 proposed new laws each two-year legislative session. Each bill holds the potential to significantly impact California businesses and to start nationwide trends. Every company or association needs a strategic ally in Sacramento, a trusted partner to protect its method of conducting business. Whether a company or association needs simply a monitoring service or the full scope of services, Norwood Associates will tailor a program to meet its specific needs.

Legislative Monitoring

Norwood Associates is constantly monitoring all new bill introductions and amendments for clients concerned about issues in the California Legislature.  It is often critical that the client receive early notice and insights about proposed legislation and the activities of other organizations that may affect the client’s business interests in California.  Norwood Associates gathers this information from introductions as well as key contacts in the Capitol and immediately passes on this information to its clients.   Norwood Associates can tailor a monitoring program to fit a client’s legislative and/or regulatory needs.

Pro-Active Strategy & Program Management

Government advocacy is a multi-faceted, complex business. Much of the success of a pro-active program is determining the best approach regarding the issue. A successful strategy is forged through assessment of various factors–political environment, political action budgets, message development, potential coalition building, grassroots efforts, public relations and more. Pro-active program management may include, but is not limited to, legislative bill drafting, designation of author, preparation of lobbying materials, meetings with Legislators and key legislative staff, and advocacy efforts with the Administration and/or regulatory agencies. Whether a pro-active or defensive strategy, Norwood Associates will coordinate with its clients to develop and prioritize steps designed to successfully accomplish their legislative goals and objectives.

Direct Lobbying

Term limits drastically changed lobbying in California. About 25% of the 40 state Senators and 80 Assembly members are new, every two years. Norwood Associates prides itself on its ability to form and maintain lasting personal, professional and political relationships with all 120 members on both sides of the political aisle. The firm’s advocates know how to take complex issues – such as finance, insurance, manufacturing and retail – and produce a clear, compelling case for our clients. With term limits and high turnover among legislators and staff, ability to communicate the correct information to the right people at the proper time is essential to a client’s success.

Client Communication

The relationships Norwood Associates build with members of the Legislature and their staff enables the firm to obtain early notice and insights about legislative moves and the activities of other interests in the Capitol. Norwood Associates provides its clients with a weekly newsletter, This Week in Sacramento, which provides a summary of current political and legislative events. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be provided by Norwood Associates to meet a client’s specific needs.


Norwood Associates knows how to assist clients with the coordination and implementation of an effective grassroots program. In the days of term limits, some of the most effective messaging and lobbying emanates from constituents of the legislators. Norwood Associates will develop a program to fit a business or association’s needs. Programs may include, but are not limited to, scheduling in-district meetings, providing guidance and sample materials for letter writing campaigns, and the organization of a Sacramento advocacy day.

California Fair Political Practices Commission Reports

The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) was created by the Political Reform Act of 1974 (Act), a ballot initiative passed by California voters in 1974 as Proposition 9. The FPPC regulates campaign financing and spending, financial conflicts of interest, lobbyist registration and reporting, post-governmental employment, mass mailings at public expense, and gifts and honoraria given to public officials and candidates. Norwood Associates assists its client’s in the proper filing of reports and campaign spending.